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19 March 2010 @ 10:34 am
So from here-on-out, I won't be posting to this blog any more, all further posts can be found at


Come on over, the water's fine.
OK, I'll admit it. As a geek, I am embarrassed by the fact that my blog is on LiveJournal. I know, there are a lot of contradictory statements in that sentence. Embarrassed by a blog, for instance. I have been housing my deepest secrets on the interwebs on LiveJournal for nigh on 5 years or so now (in various places, hidden to protect the innocent) and I'm embarrassed by a BLOG platform? It's true. I'm that geeky.

"But Brooke," You say incredulously, "You can't be a geek! Your rack is fantastic, you have a sparking charm and you ooze style like you lanced a style-boil." Yes, it's true. However, I also taught myself how to code BASIC when I was 13. For fun. And LiveJournal simply doesn't allow me the freedom to tinker with HTML directly as I wish. I am a fickle little imp, and I want to redesign on a whim. A WHIM! Additionally, I hate the anonymous comment posting on LiveJournal, and

So, by the time April rolls around, I will be posting solely to Blogger. Mostly because I want to hand my ENTIRE life over to Google and let it lead me. Also, they let you mess with the HTML directly, which I enjoy. I'm working out kinks in the design this week, and will cross-post to both locations. Next week, I'll stop posting here, but post a reminder here to check out the Blogger site whenever I post to it, in case you have RSS feeds on. (Shut up, I know at least one person does...) And then the week after that, I'll be going solo on Blogger.

So. Update your bookmarks, change your blogrolls, hide your husbands and sons, (ps: that phrase loses so much in the gender translation, why is that?) because there's a new Blog in town.  (Except that it's the same blog, looks pretty much the same, same author, same topics...ok, it's not that different. At all...)

OutrageousChaos (the Blogger edition!)

20 March 2007 @ 04:08 pm
Here is what I do not want for lunch today:
  1. A Sandwich. I had a PB & Banana sandwich (hippy PB and whole grain bread...) for breakfast, so nothing I eat for lunch can be contained between two pieces of starch. It's a rule I just made up.
  2. Soup. I love soup. But if I have it for lunch, I'm starving by 3 PM, and end up eating an entire bag of popcorn.
  3. My weekly nachos. See, you don't work with me, so you don't know. I'm something of a celebrity at my office for getting a giant platter of nachos once a week, and eating it over the course of two days. I have a system which involves getting a bag of "back up nachos," just the chips, from the Mexican restaurant, extra hot sauce packets, and an extra little thing of salsa. On Day Two of the nachos, I heat them in the microwave. I know what you're thinking: "that would make them soggy!" Ah, yes, and that's where BACK UP nachos come in. They're more of a structural component then anything else.  Seriously. The building thinks I'm nuts, and probably wonder why I'm not super fat. It's a matter of time before this metabolism packs its bags and heads to Guadalajara to hang with the REAL Mexican food...
  4. It's 17 degrees outside. That ALMOST is warm enough to justify walking downtown for real food, but not quite. Also, taking off my shoes and putting on my boots is a commitment to a meal. I'm not sure I'm ready to take that next step into lunchedom. I'm lazy. And commitment-phobic. And only mildly hungry.
  5. Handy's is around the corner. But I ate there yesterday.
  6. And then the wildcard...EXTRA FOOD FROM MEETINGS. They've been having a ton of meetings here this week, the new Boston office is up visiting, so that means free scavenged sandwiches in the kitchen whenever their meal is done. But:
    1. I am a vegetarian, and the likelyhood of getting a non-meat item is slim
    2. They're likely having sandwiches. See item #1.
    3. But they're free! Argh. Free food is infinitely more exciting.
  7. I guess nachos. I'm not in a nacho-mood, but when one is devoid of options, one must take the most logical of one's paths.
Thank you, blog, for helping me process this most important of decisions.
19 March 2007 @ 08:27 pm
My dad offered to drive me to the eye doctor's. Where do you go when you need glasses in a hurry? Lenscrafters. Where is Lenscrafters? The mall. Who do you bring with you when you need input on glasses? Your friend Alison. So, to recap, my dad is driving Alison and I to the MALL tomorrow night so I can buy eye glasses. Then we're going out to dinner. It's so junior high, it makes me want to sit in the backseat and giggle and kick my dad's seat and refer to him as "ddddaaaaaaaaad."

It's also super sweet of him. Plus, I'll be able to see! Yeah!

New York in three days! Woohooooo!
18 March 2007 @ 10:03 am
I'm a pretty light sleeper, so I have a fan next to my bed that I
turn on while half asleep. This morning: stompstomp. I turn on the fan,
but no white noise. Nothing. I follow the cord. It's plugged in. I turn
the power strip on and off. Nothing. I look at the clock that's plugged
into the powerstrip. Nothing. The powerstrip is plugged in behind my
bed, and I think "Well, I moved my mattress when I put new sheets on, I
must have bumped the outlet. I get out of bed, pull the mattress away,
but both the powerstrip and the overhead light are plugged in. I try
the light. Nothing. Sensing I might have solved the mystery, I go to
the bathroom, flick the light twice. Nothing.

The power was just out. I worry momentarily that my roommate didn't open
the electric bill in time or whatever, and decide to just go back to
sleep. And I have horrible dreams about no power, and post-modern
utopian exhistances. When I woke up at 9, the power was on, and all was normal with the world.

And now it's 10 and I'm WIDE awake. No glasses, because no ride. I hate it when you get super excited about something, and then super disappointed, and it feels like the air went out of your balloon.

On a positive note, more New York plans! I just discovered Takka Takka and the Lovely Feathers are playing the Merc Lounge next Saturday, Loyal wants to see Marissa Nadler at Sin-e (which is closing, did you know that?) so we might show-hop. I really wanna see Takka Takka. I'm sort of super excited about New York.
16 March 2007 @ 05:23 pm
I like having a job where I can wear jeans and am regularly given beers at work. As much as I post "I'm bored" posts, it's just because the rest of the time, I am so balls-to-the-walls busy that when it's slowish, like this week has been, I feel antsy, and restless. Like there's something I've forgotten to do.

Like my timesheet, which I'm leaving until Monday. Off for a date with my gusband, to drink cocktails and be snarky.

The BritBritBitBit continues. There's negotiations with an official judge, who I will announce with GREAT FAN FARE should he chose to take the job. (hinthint)

Veronica Mars is cancelled. Probably because the last season has sucked from a plot-standpoint. Also, I found the whole rape plot was downright offensive. But dammit, I'll miss the witty banter, pop culture references, and spunky little Veronica. (although once they castrated Logan and made him into Duncan 2: return of Veronica's boring boyfriend, I lost all hope...)

I'm pretty happy right now, and maybe that's the two beers from the staff meeting talking, but it's none-the-less true.

16 March 2007 @ 09:44 am
I love weeknights where I can successfully double book. Dinner with Brendan: lovely. Even though he did laugh  very, very hard when I said I was a "class act."
"You...class...act...three in three! Three in three!" And then he stared at me, and nodded his head sideways to the two year-old sitting at the next table. "I can't say anything more about this." And then he laughed a lot more.

It's OK, though, I laughed at him a lot when he said he was a young Al Swerengen. It's good to have those friends who have known you for many years, through good stuff and not good stuff, to ground you.

Then off to the Sea Monster's pot luck, where I gained my very first Sea Monster name (Elongate Recast...not a very good one) and we played some very tricky games and had much laughter. And some friggen awesome cheesy grits. yesyes.

Things are not looking good for Veronica Mars.

Toasted Green Tea is full of the yummy.

I am totally over this week. Like, for serious.

15 March 2007 @ 04:22 pm
So it's slow at work. Real slow. Slow enough so that I completely mirrored one blog, tinkered with another,  visited my usual "I'm friggen bored" websites, before eventually stumbling on The Freakonomics Blog. If you haven't read the book, do yourself a favor and get it, and if you enjoyed the book, then I encourage you to check out the blog. Topics which,in the last hour, have amused and/or blown my mind:
I got some very good news last night. I am pleased.
David, Alison, Noah and I have started a blog to keep track of our competitive Gossip-About-Britney-Spears game. So far, Team Julie (David and I) are ahead, (as you can tell by the scorecard) but I'm not sure Alison is getting much support from her OBB (Original BritBritBitBit) Teammate.

Some of this stuff is amazing. Check it out.

The BritBritBitBit
14 March 2007 @ 01:55 pm
I think this might be a tit man/foot fetishist's wildest dream. (be warned, there ARE pictures)